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Compactor Collections

Using electrically powered, portable or static compactors can be an extremely economical option for customers that generate substantial volumes of low density dry wastes.

These compactors offer the advantages of cleanliness, improved security and cost-effectiveness.

They also means that your site will produce significantly reduced volumes of waste – since it’ll be compacted. In turn, you’ll need fewer vehicles to remove the waste – and this will cause less noise, pollution and disruption to your other activities.

There are various sizes of compactor to choose from – and you can choose whether the compactor is to be portable or static. In addition, if you wish, Waste King will supply any compactor and/or container in your choice of colour or branded with your logo.

Waste King can also design and install dedicated specialised mechanised interlocking conveying systems to deliver waste to the compactor and to load the waste into the compactor.

Portable compactors

  • Portable compactors and containers take up as much space as a single car-parking space.
  • Waste King’s portable compactors compress waste hydraulically - incorporating power packs which need only single-phase mains supply. An added option is a hydraulic bin lift, which raises and empties the waste wheeler contents into the compactor.

Static compactors

  • Waste King can provide static compactors for ‘off dock loading’ that’s carried out either by hand or mechanically.

Whichever size or type of compactor you ask Waste King to provide is installed quickly and efficiently. What’s more, each compactor is regularly maintained by Waste King’s service engineers.

And whenever you need the waste collecting, call Waste King – who’ll supply specialised handling vehicles which can cope with the waste containers.

So, if you want to know how you can get the most cost-effective deal when it comes to disposing of your waste, contact us on:

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