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Home Renovation

Home renovations transform your living space; make you feel extremely virtuous, skilful and successful, and are, all-in-all, a ‘good thing’. However, they also have a habit of disrupting your life while they’re going on – and they generate quite a bit of waste material.

Being a good citizen, you should dispose of this waste responsibly and ethically – or at the very least, legally (if you want to avoid a hefty fine or even a prison sentence for fly-tipping).

It’s probably impractical to spend lots of time and energy transporting car-loads of waste to the local council refuse and recycling depot, so many people choose to get rid of their home renovation waste by hiring a skip – although alternatives, such as Waste King’s quicker, cleaner and less hassle ‘man and van’ service, are available.

If you decide to hire a skip, you must decide on the size of skip you want. Skips are available in various sizes –  holding from two to 12 cubic yards (two to 12 tonnes) of waste. There are even skip bags, which will hold up to one cubic yard (one tonne) of waste.

You need to decide when, and for how long, you want to hire your skip. You’ve also got to take into account getting any necessary permissions, such as skip permit, and take account of any ‘access issues’ relating to your property and/or public land that might arise.

Of course, there are some things that you’re not, legally, allowed to put in a skip – and you’re only allowed to fill a skip so that the waste is level with the top of the skip.

So, to discuss your specific needs, you should contact a local, licensed and Environment Agency approved waste carrier –  such as Waste King.

Waste King can give you advice and guidance so that you can get the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective service when it comes to collecting and disposing of all your home renovation – and other – waste. So, contact us on:

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