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Removing Construction Waste

Thconstruction-wastee problem with construction waste – defined as ‘materials resulting from the building, repair or demolition of buildings or other structures’ – is that local councils won’t accept it at local recycling facilities. That’s because they don’t believe it’s ‘domestic waste’ – usually because there’s often quite a lot of it.

So, for those carrying out the construction project, a practical way of disposing of this waste is to hire a skip.

Skips come in a variety of sizes – from the mini skip (with a two cubic yard capacity), via the six cubic yard builder’s skip to the eight cubic yard builder’s skip and the 12 cubic yard maxi skip.

However, you can’t put waste such as bricks, hardcore, concrete, rubble or soil – just the sort of things that occur quite often in ‘construction waste’ - into a maxi skip. That’s because the skip – when full - plus the weight of the skip lorry would exceed the vehicle’s legal weight limit.

So that tends to limit your options to the eight cubic yard (eight tonne) builder’s skip.

When you look for a firm from which you can hire a skip, you need to make sureit’s an approved waste carrier – because, by law, anyone who collects and disposes of waste must be licensed by the Environment Agency in England and Wales or, in Scotland, by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. That should protect you from incurring a fine or even a prison sentence – which could be yours if the skip hire firm you use fly-tips your waste.

A reputable, professional skip hire firm will be able to advise you on such things as:

  • The most appropriate size of skips for your needs
  •  What things you can – and can’t – put into the skip(s)
  •  Access to and from your site – for the skip hire lorries
  •  The space available for the skip(s)
  •  Skip permits
  •  Appropriate lighting/ signing for the skip if it’s to be placed on public land
  •  Convenient delivery and collection of the skip(s)

It can even give you advice on the most economical and cost-effective way to fill the skip(s) as well as how to segregate the waste, so that as much of it as possible can be recycled and, thus, kept away from landfill and polluting the environment.

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